Thursday, September 5, 2013

This & That....

School is back in full swing.  Next week starts our Algebra and Art coop classes, along with Heritage Girl and Cub Scout meetings.  Along with choir and youth group activities. And Mark has a week vacation next week so we want to go camping a couple of nights.  Did I mention all the pears and muscadines are ripe and sitting out there waiting for me to do something to them?  I finally broke down and purchased a huge white board with different colored pens so I can try to organize some of the chaos.  If I just had time to organize ourselves and then actually write it all on the board the purchase might become worthwhile.  Right now Abbie and James are having fun creating masterpieces on it.

I am waking up every night around 2 am.  It's as lovely as it sounds.

At night the boys and Mark have been watching the British Top Gear car show.  It is funny and we are becoming car snobs as I drive around in my 2002  Honda Odyssey which looks like it has been through the ringer.  Because it has.  Oh, and I have decided that everything sounds better with a British accent.  Unfortunately, my strong southern accent does not lend well to a mock British accent.  It doesn't stop me from trying though.

Okay, I want to start a good Bible study.  I want a meaty "get in the Bible and really learn something"   Study.  I am reading through Nehemiah right now, but  I want something that is not just reading.  I like to learn the history, context, and do word studies, etc...  Any good suggestions???


  1. Everything does sound better with a British accent.:)

  2. Our church hosts FBI ( Everyone speaks very highly of it for in-depth Bible study.

  3. Some of my faves lately have been One in a Million by Priscila Shirer, Nehemiah by Kelly Minter, A Woman After God's Own Heart by Elizabeth George... I LOVE BIBLE STUDY!

  4. sounds QUITE busy : ) Do you have a good study Bible ? If you want to get into the history and archaeology etc of the times and good links to other portions of the Bible that pertain to what you are reading the Oxford Annotated Bible is very good for that sort of thing :)

    When I was watching Downton Abbey nonstop ( bought the DVDs ) I woke up thinking in British accents :)

  5. Sounds like our house right now. I have great organizing plans in my head, but don't have time to implement them. It's driving me crazy! Have a happy week=)

  6. We will add our last class or two to our homeschool schedule this coming week. We've been adding a class or two each week, so next week we'll be back in full swing. I love being on a routine and keeping the kids busy doing something productive, so I'm really glad!

    I've been having trouble sleeping lately too! I go through days or weeks at a time when I have trouble, and I don't really know why. I'll be praying that both of us will be able to get a good night's sleep!

    LOL! My kids love a good British accent too! I'm not so great at it, but my son is particularly good at it. And it is definitely fun. :)

    I'm reading Learn the Bible in 24 Hours. It's not an in-depth Bible study at all, but I am enjoying a nice overview of each book along with some background, cultural info, etc. After I finish this book, I'll be looking for a good in-depth Bible study too. You'll have to let me know if you come across a really good one!