Monday, January 27, 2014

The Good, and the Bad, And Some Ugly throw in for good measure....

1.  The Lock-In

The Good:  The girls had fun.  Much laughter and giggles and line-dancing, and whipped cream pie in the faces, and rainbow looming, and silly movies, and all the little things that girls love to do. 

The Bad:  The heat was not working in the gym at the church.  We were cold to say the least. 

The Ugly:  The Day after and MamaHen.  Ya'll, if I wasn't asleep I was complaining because I wasn't asleep.  It was not pretty and for some reason my left hip got a catch in it and it was not a pretty site seeing me limp around.  I have done my duty and any other lock-ins will have to be overseen by those younger and in much better shape than I am. 

2.  My house.

The Good: Due to me sleeping all day Saturday and folks coming in and out all day Mark called a cleaning day Sunday and when he is here the children  get busy and get it all done.  I did eight loads of laundry also and Abbie and I even got it all folded.

The Bad: My house is clean as of 7:56 AM.  If you don't get here in the next 30 minutes you will have missed your chance.

3.  Annabelle, the goat.

The Good:  She is pretty.  And that's really all I can muster about her right now as far as good goes.

The Bad:  She is having contractions, and doing everything in the book that says she should be when having the kid.  But no kid.

The Ugly:  Mark says I need to stay off the internet because I have diagnosed her with every possible goat ailment known to goats in the last 24 hours.  I have to be gone quite a bit today so I am naturally worried about her.  I read that goats like to wait until the least capable person is left at the house alone and then have the baby.  So, I am trying to decide which one of us is the least capable for assisting in a birth.  James, the seven year old, is the most likely candidate, but I don't want to get hauled off to jail for leaving my seven year alone at home to birth a goat.

So, today will consist of running children back and forth to lessons, checking on the goat, and tonight James and I will tour a fire station with his Tiger Cub group.  I think this will be 15th fire house tour in all my years of Scouts and homeschooling.  I think they should make me an honorary fire-woman, don't you think?


  1. I'm tired just reading all that.

  2. I can't wait to hear about the birth. I hope it all goes well.

  3. Mama Hen,
    All I gotta say is - you crack me up!
    Love ya,