Friday, January 31, 2014

Goodbye January 2014...

And I'm glad you only come once in a lifetime.

This month has been hard.  Hard from Day One until today.  Finances, educational stresses, broken frozen water pipes, sick goats, broken washing machines, an all-nighter with 15 little girls with very little heat, and all-nighter with five teenage boys here at my house, more finances, and then this week where I saw my friends and family being separated from each other because of this crazy storm we had, and the stress that it all entailed, and I feel like my nerves are on static electricity mode in which they are popping and buzzing and making me hurt.  Knowing that Mark was driving home on that ice and snow sent them into overdrive.  And the fact that I have not slept through the night one night this month is wearing my down. 

Some of it is temporal-the ice and snow-it will be gone soon and people are being reunited.  The other stuff is just part of living in this world.  And with a bunch of other people.  Who have been cooped up together a lot this month. 


there is this...

so all is well.

And last night Rebekah had her little girl.  And there is such wonder and hope in a newborn.

But I am really looking forward to February. 


  1. I really like that picture of Mark. I can't wait for some warm weather. Any news on the baby goat?

  2. Alice, nope. Apparently she is going to have more than one and she is already so big we thought it would have already happened. I'm through trying to guess from now on. I guess this is why people say you should keep detailed records of mating times and all that. But good grief, "Ain't nobody got time for that!"

  3. It's February 1st, and a little birdie is chirping outside my window. It's gonna be a GREAT month - right?

  4. I hope this week is much better for you! So glad the snow is gone...and can you believe my upstairs was 75 degrees at bedtime,and I had to run the air--cuz kids were in long pajamas and hot. Praying for you=)