Monday, February 3, 2014


Streak, the cutest little goat in McCalla.

Streak was born on the night of February 1 without any help and without any complications.  Annabelle and Streak, aka Lil Goat, are doing well. 

I have been getting up all throughout the night with that silly goat for a month and the night I did not go out there she had her!  I guess she was tired of me and when she got her chance she took it. 

You can't even imagine our surprise when Mark when out to take care of the animals and there was a baby goat out there.  Annabelle had cleaned him up and was already very protective of him.  She will let us hold him, but won't even let the cats get near. 

I have to tell you I was a little disappointed that he was a male because we will have to get rid of him.  But it was encouraging that Annabelle birthed so easy and is such a good mother.  She is making lots of milk and in a few days we will start milking her which blows my mind. 

I had to set Streak up to nurse the first time, but then they both got the hang of it and it is the sweetest thing to see.  Little Streak's tiny little tail just wags like crazy when nursing. 


  1. Congratulations! Hooray for a healthy goat birth!

    Sorry it's a buck, but at least he's cute! I praise God for all the yummy, healthy milk your family is about to get! And, I will pray that God gives you strength for the milking-the-goat journey!

  2. How cool, I'm so glad things went well. Why do you have to get rid of him? (I'm ignorant of family farmy things).

  3. Alice, we need females so they can keep on having more babies that we can sell and stay in milk for us. Feeding a male is pointless bc he can't breed with his mother and sisters anyway. We are enjoying him and letting Annabelle get lots of practice being a good momma and we will let him wean naturally. Then we will try to find a good home for him. If we can't find a place for him I am not sure what we will do with him.

  4. I was thinking about talking "goat" with you this week. I wondered if you milked any, and what kind they were. If we can ever move, we want some. I hear that the goat's size, food requirements, and milking schedule is a bit easier to deal with than a cow. Will you (or big kids) milk by hand? I have carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands and will have to get some type of electric or generator run milking machine.
    AND, I 'm surprised at the size of that baby, compared to the size of the mama.....glad I'm not a goat, a 10lb kid was enough for me;)