Friday, February 7, 2014

Three Weeks Should Do It....

Well, this morning I came to a conclusion, or well, a epiphany about my life.

The only way I can possibly get things back in order and get "caught up" to even manageable levels is to stay awake for three weeks straight.  So not kidding.  I am feeling so out of whack I don't even know how to start.

But, I've been here before and most likely will be here again, so I'll just "Do the next thing."

The next thing might be a trip out to the workshop to see the new goat Streak.  He is growing ninety to nothing and is starting to get fun.  He tries to climb our pants legs to get us to hold him. He hops around and plays and we are so pleased with how well Annabelle is mothering him.  It looks like Beatrice is expecting so I am praying for twin females.  Hopefully she will be a good mother also.

Are you all tired of the cold?  I am.  When it started snowing yesterday I almost started crying because everything is so much harder in the cold.  But I know it will end and then I will be whining about the heat.

Somebody tell me something exciting you are doing this weekend.  I'll be freezer cooking and doing school plans.  That was the plan last weekend, but alas, here we are again....


  1. Cold "up here", too. We might get a bit of snow and sleet in the morning... We'll see - at least it's the weekend and we don't have to go anywhere. The first person whining about the heat this summer is going to get punched! ;-)

  2. Anke, I feel like my bones are cold all the time. This is crazy for Alabama!

  3. I'm going to see Kelly Minter (last night and today to 12) and then to some of my 5th grade girl's basketball game. I feel like I need a date with Abbie soon!

  4. She needs a date with you too! Oh, and so do the boys! For the weekend. And I'll have a date at home with a book, my blanket, and a nap. :)

  5. MamaHen it is SO COLD here, I'm telling you. I know you guys aren't used to it, but we are and it is ridiculous. You know it's bad when highs in the 20s seem nice. I'm with Anke that the first person to complain about the heat gets punched.

    It is so exciting that more goatlings are on the way. I will hope for girls.

    I have a lunch date today with my 6 year old, grocery shopping and then work. I'll probably get home around midnight and then stay up with my man for a bit and sleep in tomorrow. It sounds like a great (but not terribly exciting day) :)

    1. Alice, the cold is really bothering me, not just a nuisance either. I am grouchy and out of sorts. I always long for spring and fall, never summer, but I don't think I would mind a few really hot days now. I haven't been in my swing forever. Would love the idea of sleeping in-sounds divine.

  6. Ha, reading your comments back to your readers....We must have that depression thing that is sun/weather related. After a lay-over in Washington on winter...a few hours of cold grayness was enough for me to tell hubby that if we ever had to live there, I'd need counseling!